How To Write Resignation Letter To Quit The Job


How To Write Resignation LetterHow To Write Resignation Letter: You generally familiar with how to write resume or how to write a letter of recommendation but many people face problem while writing resignation letter. Resignation letter is a formal process which needs to be followed by you, it never easy to say to your boss that you are leaving the job so writing resignation letter is the best way to say that “you are quitting the job”. You could have many reasons to quite job such as personal issue, new job opportunity or whatever the reasons are, you need to act professionally and humble while writing resignation letter, there is no point to criticize or complain about the company or your boss, just simply leave the job with respect and decent way. Here we have shown 4 types of resignation letter samples so let’s learn about how to write resignation letter in diplomatic and polite manner.

What is Resignation Letter

It is a single page document written by an employee or any position holder, the purpose to give resignation letter is to inform officially to your manager or HR department that you are leaving the company or organization, since it is an official letter so just use formal language only.

Why You Need To Give Resignation Letter

It is good to inform your employer that you are either terminating your job with immediate effect or leaving the job on a specific date, this is how you end on a good note which is important because it will be helpful for you to maintain the relationship in future as you might need a recommendation letter or a positive appraisals word which is good for your further career. Resignation on a good note will help you to come back to your previous company if you want or as per your previous company requirement. So while writing a letter of resignation make sure your tone is polite and must be thankful for the company or manager.

Must Included Points in Resignation Letter

  • Mention name of that person, you are addressing to: In your resignation letter you must clear whom you are addressing.
  • Provide reason for your resignation: You must mention the reason why you leaving the job, no need to mention depth details but it is good to tell why you quitting from the job.
  • Two week notice period: While submitting resignation letter make sure you are serving proper notice period, two weeks’ notice period is standard amount of time or you can refer to your employment contract.
  • Mention last date of your work: Clearly mention the date of last working in the company.
  • Mention your name, designation and signature: Always mention your official credentials in the resignation letter.
  • Do not forget to thank your manager or boss: In resignation letter always appreciate the experience you got from the company or boss and how your boss helped you in achieving your goals.
  • Always mention positive work experience: This is common courtesy to say that you got nice experience from the company and co-workers; how they helped you to improve your skills.
  • Your tone must be polite and respectful: Keep your tone and writing style decent and respectful, this one is more professional way rather than complaining and whining about the company.
  • Always initiate to help your replacement: Add a line in resignation letter that you willing to help and guide the replacement.
  • Provide your working contact number and email address: In resignation letter always provide contact information, in case your previous company required something related to the work.

Before Writing Resignation Letter Consider These Points

  • Meet your boss before submitting resignation letter: Do not surprise your manager or boss with your resignation letter, fix a meeting with your boss and let him/her know that you are resigning from job along with reason.
  • Don’t add your new job details in resignation letter: You don’t need to give full details about your new job; this is unnecessary and will increase the letter word count.
  • Don’t justify why you leaving the job: You have full right to leave the job and you don’t have to explain deeper to your employer “why you leaving the job” just simply and politely say that you leaving the job due to either you get new opportunity or you have to quit due to personal reasons.
  • Don’t use any abusive or negative words: While writing resignation letter do not write any negative words no matter how much you hate the job or your boss, just stay positive in your letter and thank your boss or manger.
  • Don’t complaint at all: You may think it is a good opportunity to mention all the problems you faced but you need to act as a professional and don’t complaint about anything.

Resignation Letter Format

Firstly write date on top-left side and below write name of that person whom you addressing in the resignation letter, further resignation letter format info given below:

Date: February 20, 2019

Mr. John Cook,
Senior Manager,
Aramex Energy Inc,
19 Birmingham, Alabama,
North City, Florida, 84512

Subject: Keep the subject short and simple, just write “Resignation Letter”.

Greeting: You may write formal or semi-formal greetings such as Dear Sir or Dear Mr. Cook.

Elements of Letter Body

Paragraph 1: Declaration of Resignation with Reason

In this paragraph you need to declare your resignation along with reason such as resignation due to “new job opportunity” or resignation due to “personal reasons” and mention date of your last working day and also make a request to relieve you from the last working day.

Paragraph 2: Make Promise to Help in Transition

In this paragraph, you need to be polite and diplomatic and mention that you are willing to make the transition easier and will be happy to help and train new replacement employee.

Paragraph 3: Thank You Note

This section is about “thanks” the boss and the company, you need to write about how value lesson and experience you have learned in this company, you must appreciate your manager and time you spend in the company.

Closing the Resignation Letter: close the letter with thanks and your details.

Thanks & Regards,

Your Signature (for hard copy)
Your Name,
Your Designation,
Employee Code (if any),
Your Contact Details (personal e-mail id & phone no.)

Reasons for Resignation

In resignation letter you mention why you leaving the job, you could have many reasons to quit the job, here we have explain 4 type of reasons to quit the job and how to write reasons in resignation letter.

1. Resignation due to new job opportunity: You may get better job opportunity from other company so you can quit your current job, so for this reason you can say that:

  • I got offer for senior manager post from ABC Company; this opportunity is the right path for me.
  • I have been offered a job opportunity with some company which will allow me to gain further management experience.
  • I have accepted an assistant professor post in the University of Chicago and I am excited to pursue my passion for teaching.
  • I have received an offer from a company which is more convenient for me.

2. Resignation due to personal reasons: Sometime you need to leave the job due to your personal issues such as pursuing higher studies, suffering from health issues, want to change career, family reasons and etc, so you can say below things:

  • Due to personal reasons I want to vacate my position.
  • I am resigning from sale manger post due to unforeseen personal problems.
  • It was not easy decision but due to my personal reasons I am resigning from my existing post.
  • My family need my full attention hence I have decided to resign from my post.

3. Resignation due to relocating: If you are resigning from the job due to relocate then just don’t write any negative and bad words just resign diplomatically and as much as graceful way, simple say:

  • Please accept my resignation letter (you don’t have to say why you are leaving).
  • I have decided to resign from the post because I want to pursue my career in other field.

4. Resignation without serving the notice period: Sometimes situation force you to quit the job immediately without serving the notice period it could be any reason related to your health, personal issue or family matters, so for these reasons you can say that:

  • I regret to inform you that I am resigning as marketing executive with immediate effect due to unfortunate incident happened, it recently come up that my one of the family member is suffering from serious illness and needs my attention and care, kindly accept my resignation and relieve me with immediate effect.

Sample Resignation Letter – New Job Opportunity (Text)

January 15, 2019

Mr. Jackson Thomas,
Marketing Head,
AST Corporate Services Inc,
221B City Street, Small Town
NY – 2154,

Subject – Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I want to inform you that I am resigning as a junior marketing executive and as per the company policy I will serve two weeks of notice period; I have been offered a job opportunity in “Vale Company” which is suitable for me, my last day in the office will be on February 2, 2019. Please let me know if you need any help in transition as I am open to guide new employee, you can contact me over the phone.

I would like to thank you for your faith in me and gave me opportunities to develop my skills and in these 3 years I have learned so many valuable lessons from you which will help me to achieve my life goals and help me to grow my career graph.

Warm Regards,

Hand Signature (only if you submit hard copy)
Sophia Miller,
Junior Marketing Executive,
AST Corporate Services,
(Your personal contact details)

Sample Resignation Letter – New Job Opportunity (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter - New Job Opportunity (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter – Personal Reasons (Text)

December 22, 2018

Mr. Roberts Turner,
Manager – HR,
Sea Fish Inc,
12 Small City, NY, 1542

Subject – Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Turner,

I am resigning from the post of accountant due to personal reasons my last day in the office will be on January 11, 2019 kindly accept my resignation and relieve me on January 11, 2019. I hope my decision will not bring inconvenience to the company; I am willing to help out with freelance work until you find a replacement.

I want to thank you for all your support and opportunities you gave me, five years of experience with this company will surely help me in my future activities, thanks again for everything.

Thanks & Regards,

Hand Signature (only if you submit hard copy)
James Watson,
Sea Fish Inc,
(Your personal contact details)

Sample Resignation Letter – Personal Reasons (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter - Personal Reasons (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter – Relocating Reason (Text)

March 5, 2019

Mr. John Garcia,
GM – Finance,
AXA Marketing Inc,
1775, Main City,
Washington DC, 1208

Subject – Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Garcia,

I regret to inform you that from April 5, 2019 I will no longer be working as an accounting assistant because I am relocating to New York for my further higher studies so please accept my resignation.

I hope it does not bring any inconvenience to the company; please let me know if you need my help during transition. I really want to appreciate the support and compassion I received from this company; you helped me a lot in my profession career and knowledge and gave me opportunities which helped me to strengthen my skills and work experience, thanks again for all the support.

Thanks & Regards,

Hand Signature (only if you submit hard copy)
Maria Hernandez,
Accounting assistant,
AXA Marketing Inc,
(Your personal contact details)

Sample Resignation Letter – Relocating Reason (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter - Relocating Reason (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter – Without Serving Notice Period (Text)

February 1, 2019

Mr. Adams Hall,
Senior Manager
Ted Baker Inc,
23 City king, Kingston, NY 5468

Subject – Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Hall,

I deeply regret to inform you that from February 3, 2019 I won’t be able to continue as a Senior Supervisor due to my personal matter, so kindly accept my resignation and relieve me on said date and I also apologize for not to serve the required notice period.

Please let me know if I can do anything to smooth the process of transition, company can contact me on my personal contact number. I also want to add that it is not easy for me to leave such great work environment which helped me to build my career; I want to thank you for all the opportunities and experiences you provided me.

Thanks & Regards,

Hand Signature (only if you submit hard copy)
Jessica Lee Thompson,
Senior Supervisor,
Ted Baker Inc,
(Your personal contact details)

Sample Resignation Letter – Without Serving Notice Period (Image)

Sample Resignation Letter - Without Serving Notice Period (Image)



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