How To Write a Letter of Recommendation


How To Write a Letter of RecommendationHow To Write a Letter of Recommendation: Recommendation letter basically a reference letter. Recommendation letter is a document which highlights the person’s capabilities, qualities and characteristics. Recommendation letter generally associated with getting jobs or get admission in school/college. Recommendation letter is useful for those who applied for the job or want to get admission in school/college. Recommendation letter is written by the employee’s supervisor/manager or his/her senior co-worker, it helps you to standard out in your job application or college/school application form. Even some companies ask of recommendation letter, recommendation letter useful for scholarship or fellowship and recommendation letter also helps you get into a PhD program. In that case recommendation letter should be written by your professors. Briefly, recommendation letter focus on what kind of person you are and what are your qualities, strength, weakness and your behavior with other people or your attitude toward your subordinates and how to tackle any problem.

Who Required a Recommendation Letter?

  • If you are searching for job, recommendation letter helps you to getting your dream job or just a good and well-paid job. If you searching job or want to grow your career, employment recommendation letters are help you to get job and give you better opportunity. Recommendation letter helps to boost your CV since it provides proof of skills and character by your previous manger/co-worker.
  • If you want to get admission in college/higher studies than recommendation letter is beneficial for you, recommendation letter helps you to getting admission in college or special college program/ fellowship, letter should be written by any professor or equivalent.

Importance of Recommendation Letter

  • It helps your resume to standout because it highlights your qualities and abilities.
  • It verify your both academic and professional experiences because recommendation letter written by your previous colleague.
  • Letter of recommendation is not mandatory document, but letter of recommendation is icing on the cake for recruiters.

Types of Recommendation Letter

There are 3 type of letter of recommendation such as Academic Recommendation Letter, Character References Letter and Employment Recommendation Letter:

  • What is Academic Recommendation Letter: Academic recommendation letter generally written by your teacher/professor or the principal, focal point of academic reference letter should be academic performance, history, character and behavior toward teachers and class fellows. The recommendation letter may be applicable for a college/school admission, scholarship, special college program or fellowship or higher education like PhD. Academic recommendation letter really standard out when you applying for a job and which needs academic experience/academic research job.
  • What is Character References Letter: This type of recommendation letter highlights your character, nature and attributes. Character reference written by who knows you well and who can guarantee your character such as professors, friends, coaches, even your neighbors or any in your personal network. Character references letter can helpful in getting jobs, character references even helpful in your court case, this really helps the Judge to make an impression about the accused. Character recommendation letter focus on person’s personality, background and lifestyle.
  • What is Employment Recommendation Letter: Employment recommendation letter is for those who are seeking jobs. Employment recommendation letter highlights the person’s capabilities, qualities and characteristics. This may write by employee’s supervisor/manager or his/her senior co-worker. Employment recommendation letter stands out employee’s skills and knowledge, personality and academic achievement. Employment recommendation letter is very influential document it helps you to stand out in your job application.

Gather Information Before Writing a Recommendation Letter

  • First you need to know that which type of recommendation letter you writing. Then you have to focus on that area, example – if you need to write employment recommendation letter than you need to elaborate more about his/her work skills, work-ethics, qualities, strength, attitude toward subordinate and etc.
  • Before you start writing the letter asks the person about the job description where he/she applied for and also asks him/her a copy of updated resume.
  • Ask him/her to provide company details along with the concern person, which in he/she has applied for.

Recommendation Letter Format

Firstly, you should write name of the person whom you want to address in the letter (if you writing in general then mention “To Whom It May Concern”) and then his/her post or designation, after that, write company name followed by company address, for example:


Mr. John Wax,

Manager – Finance,

MPS Corporation,

19 Ohio, NCTC – 34521

Subject: Subject is generally a line with 8-10 words which specifying the topic of the letter so that reader immediately knows that letter is about what. (Example – “Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Edward Val”)

Greeting Type

  • If you know whom to address while writing recommendation letter then use “Dear” (Example – Dear Mr. Wax or Dear Ms. Wax).
  • If you writing general recommendation letter then use “To Whom It May Concern”.

Elements of Letter Body

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

In this paragraph you should mention your relationship with the applicant. How you know him/her and for how long (for example – Edward Val has work in my department as an accountant, I know him for 2 years. Our company hire him after his graduation). It is important to mention your relationship with the applicant.

Paragraph 2 – Details

In this paragraph, you need to mention some of his/her accomplishments such as specific task or job. You can also add qualifications, ability, strength and his/her behavior with other employees. In this paragraph you also need to mention his job in details. You can also include some of the cases/tasks which have been done by the applicant. Keep in mind that you should only mention those qualities of the applicant which fit in particular job in which he/she has applied.

Paragraph 3 – Summary

In this part you need to include why the applicant is capable of that job and why you are recommending him/her. For example – I recommend “Edward” because at this age he is so mature and very focus about his job. He has great potential to lead a team and also work along with team.

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion

In this concluding part of the recommendation letter, you can mention his/her extra-curricular activities which took place at the workplace or how he/she helped other in their work or how he/she motivated his/her interns or junior.

Elements of Letter Closing

Close recommendation letter with your name and your designation (for example – Matt Smith, Senior Manager – Finance). If you are mailing a hard copy of the letter then include your signature underneath your typed name:

Best Regards,

Signature (for hard copy)

Letter Writer Name,

Job Title, Organization Details,

(Contact Details)

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee (Text)

Date: October 18, 2018


Mr. John Wax,

Manager – Finance,

MPS Corporation,

19 Ohio, NCTC – 34521

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. “Edward Val”

Dear Mr. Wax,

As the Sr. Manager – Finance of Airborne Inc, I am pleased to writing a recommendation letter for Mr. Edward Val, who applied for the post of accountant in your corporation. I know Mr. Edward Val since he worked with our company; he has completed his graduation with excellent grades.

Mr. Edward Val has great potential to learn and he is focused toward his work and as far as his attitude toward his subordinate is concern that is also very grateful. He is capable to know the requirements of the task as well as how the task will be done within the timeline; due to this quality we had promoted him from Jr. Accountant to the Accountant. He always work hard to meet the expectation, he had motivated other employees as well. Mr. Edward Val is very organized and always completed his work on time, and his high spirits attitude and cheerful nature made him liked by other colleagues.

Mr. Edward Val will perfectly fit in your work place as he has great capacity to learn new things and has great potential to lead a team and also work along with team and he has innovative thinking which will help in your company’s growth.

His enthusiasm nature for his work and his superb communication skills will be excellent addition to your company. These quality and strength will make Mr. Edward Val a successful accountant for your company. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Val for the accountant post and you will be also pleased to hire him. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Your handwritten signature (for hard copy letter)

Matt Smith,

Senior Manager – Finance,

Airborne Inc,

54 Main Street,

Grand Island, NE – 54218

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee (Image)

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee (Image)

Few crucial points before writing a letter of recommendation:

  • The letter should be recommended by someone who has previously worked with you or with someone who knows you well.
  • Person who writing a letter must mention his position and give clear and honest information about the applicant and also he should mention position of the applicant in previous job.
  • Include educational background and related personality behavior of the applicant.
  • Always double check the letter, before sending it.

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