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How to Contact AmazonHow To Contact Amazon: If you facing the problem related to ordering, tracking, trouble paying bill, billing issue, returns & refunds regarding problem or issue with something else and you don’t know how to contact Amazon, then this article is for you. There are 3 options to contact amazon, you can go to their “Contact Us” page and chat with their representative or you can call Amazon customer care service on this number 1-888-280-4364 and you can also contact them thru E-mail “” or you can contact Amazon thru their Twitter handle “@AmazonHelp” and Facebook page. Let’s see how you can contact Amazon thru these options.

Option 1 – Contact Amazon Thru Their “Contact Us” Page

amazon customer contact us page url

1. Firstly login to your Amazon account by entering your email address and your password, now go to Amazon “contact us” page that is

amazon customer contact us page (a)

2. Now you will see 1st option which says “What can we help you with?” It offers 4 sub-options.

  • An Order I Placed: If you have problem related your order, you have issue with ordered product or want to know when it will be delivered or you have received damaged product.
  • Devices: If you have any questions about your devices like you want to know initial setup and registration of TV devices or having issue with kindle E-reader and more related to devices inquiry.
  • Digital Content and Services: If you have any question about devices services or content such as you facing problem regarding Echo device or fire TV device.
  • Amazon Prime or Something Else: If you having issue about prime videos or prime membership or something else such as gift card or more.

3. Next, you can see 2nd option which says “Tell us more about your issue” It offers 3 sub-options.

  • 1st box says “Select an issue”: It this box, select the issue you facing like – cannot track the package, problem with an order, returns and refunds, payment issue or if you don’t find your desire issue in the box then select “more order issues”.
  • 2nd box says “Select issue details”: After that, select issue details for example if you select “problem with an order” issue than in “select issue details” box you required to select option which describe your problem such as – damaged item, damaged item/item doesn’t work, missing item or parts or if you don’t find your desire issue in box then click “other issue with order received”. (and if you select “other issue with order received” then one more box will open namely “Enter short summary of issue” in which you can write your problem).
  • 3rd box says “Select additional details”: In this you select option which describes your problem.

amazon customer contact us page (b)

4. Now, you can see 3rd option which says “How would you like to contact us?” It offers you 3 options.

  • E-mail: You can contact Amazon thru e-mail, click on the e-mail button. Write and explain what problem you are facing and you should include some essential information like – order number, tracking number, product code or name, your contact information. Usually Amazon replies within 12 hours.
  • Chat: You can also contact them thru live chat, click on the chat button and chat window will be open and you can write what kind of problem you facing and surely they will find some solution. Amazon chat representative can ask some information like order number, tracking number, product code or name or when you has ordered etc.
  • Phone: If you want to talk to Amazon customer care representative, then click on phone button. When you click the phone button a page will be open, here you can see all details which you had filled in previous steps, if any information is incorrect then click on “edit issues” to correct the same. Then click on “call me now” button and in some time customer care service will call you.

Option 2  – Contact Amazon Directly

If you want to contact Amazon representative directly then you have 2 method, 1st is you can directly call Amazon’s customer care service and 2nd you can e-mail Amazon.

1. Call Amazon Customer Service: If you having issue related with your order, billing or something else you can call Amazon customer service at 1-888-280-4364 to talk to an Amazon representative. Before calling you must noted down some information which Amazon representative may ask you such as order number, tacking number, bill number and etc. If you are in urgent need then calling is the best way to contact Amazon. When you call Amazon you may receive automated voice, which may ask your name and contact number. After your reply, an automated representative will tell you a time period to attend your call.

2. Contact Amazon Thru E-mail: You can e-mail Amazon at “” write e-mail and explain what problem you are facing and you should include some essential information like order number, tracking number, product code or name, your contact information. Usually they reply within 48 hours.

Option 3 – Contact Amazon on Social Media & Amazon Co-Pilot Customer Service

Easy way to contact amazon is to send message on Amazon social media handle. If you want to solve small issues such as missing shipment, facing trouble in buy product, price change, want to check status of your order, charged wrong price and etc so you can contact Amazon thru social media. There are 2 ways to contact Amazon thru social media, 1st is Facebook and 2nd is Twitter and in 2015 Amazon also launched Amazon co-pilot customer service.

  • Send Message Thru Facebook: Go to the official Amazon’s Facebook page and click on the “message” button. Write what issue you are facing, make sure you write message in short and then wait for Amazon to reply you. We suggest you that give details to Amazon such as order number and etc. Generally they respond within 1 to 2 days. If you don’t get any reply than you can leave a comment in their recent post.
  • Send Message Thru Twitter: You can also contact Amazon by their official twitter handle that is “@AmazonHelp”. Write message that explains your problem and give details such as order number and etc. Usually Amazon representative reply in 1-2 days.
  • Amazon Co-Pilot Customer Service: This service is useful when you have issue related to your Amazon devices. It is beneficial for those who having problem to follow customer service representative’s instructions. Co-pilot customer services basically share your screen with a customer service associate. While you are on the phone with Amazon customer service representative, you can let them know that you would like to use the co-pilot feature. Then they send you code, then you have to enter the code on the co-pilot home screen and then they will be able to navigate the amazon website for you on your computer. This is totally safe as customer service associate can only see active web pages and cannot see other web pages or information on your computer.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – How to explain your issue to amazon representative?

A – Give the representative all the details such as your name, by when you received your order, order number and what is the problem you are facing related to product or Amazon service also include when the problem started and how it happened.

Q – Is Product bills are important?

A – Yes, make sure that you have all the bills, slips and package in which product was packed.

Q – What to do if you don’t get solution of your problem?

A – Be clam and have patience; give every details and information wherever he/she asked for regarding product or regarding your problem. If still you don’t get any solution then you can polite ask him/her to connect your call to the manager.

Q – What if I received damaged or defective product?

A – If you received damaged product then contact customer service immediately and explain what happened. If you notice that damage took place at the time of product receiving then you can simply refuse to take the product.

Some Tips and Advice

  • If you feel that Amazon customer care representative is not able to understand you problem that you can polity ask him/her to transfer your call to the customer care manager.
  • While talking to the customer care representative, stay calm and polite.
  • If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you can send back the product within applicable days. For return/exchange, you need to have a word with customer service and tell that I want to return the product. He/she may ask for the reason and just explain the same. If your reason fulfills the Amazon’s return & exchange policy then the customer care executive will process your request and will explain you further formalities and details.



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