How To Become Actor in Hollywood


How To Become Actor in HollywoodHow To Become Actor in Hollywood: Acting is a form of art like any other art you need to learn, practice and gain relevant experience to polish your acting skills. To become movie actor you need skills and patience, you may reject many times but have trust in yourself and always keep trying, if you have passion and talent you will surely become an actor. Acting is an art which doesn’t developed over night you need to invest time and need to do practice over and over. In this article we have explained queries simple and easy to understand such as how to become actor in Hollywood USA, how to get into auditions and so on.

How To Become Actor in Hollywood – There are 3 Steps

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To become an actor you need to follow 3 steps, 1st step is developing your acting skills, 2nd step is gain relevant experience and 3rd step is getting into the industry, elaborating all the steps below:

1st Step: Develop Acting Skill

To become actor first step is to develop your acting skills, for that you need to work on your ability of mnemonics and emotions (happy, sad, angry and scared) to improve and polish your acting skills there are some ways:

  • Start acting from your school: If you know that you want to become actor then it’s better to start from your school time, learn basics of acting in school and join school drama.
  • Apply for acting college / school: To become actor you do not need any formal training or education but to improve and polish your talent, apply for acting school and earn bachelor’s degree in acting. In acting school you will learn professional level of acting, you will do workshops, practice with group and interact with professional persons. Acting school teachers will guide you to learn proper acting techniques which will help you to become a good actor. Since acting teachers have deeper knowledge about acting and they can help you to reach your goals and make you a professional actor. Acting course not just teaches you about acting but also teach you how films make and what components are necessary.
  • Read books related to acting: To improve your acting skills read books related to acting, there are many good books and reading acting related books can help you to get deeper knowledge about acting and you will understand fine details about this art and also get an idea, how to deliver dialogues, expression and so on.
  • Read play and practice in front of mirror or with someone: Reading play and practice with it will make you understand how characters work and it also boost up your knowledge about dialogues, watching play will also helpful as it give you practical knowledge.

2nd Step: Gain Experience

Second step in order to become an actor is gain experience which helps you to become film actor, almost all popular actors’ starts with theater, do small roles and attend many workshops, here are some ways to get experience:

  • Join workshops: Workshops help to sharpening your acting skills, in workshop professionals teach you about techniques, industry standard equipment and inspire you to build your own original style, there are many workshops organized by popular performing art academies.
  • Join theater: Best way to gain acting experience is to join theaters, it will help you to improve your acting skills and other things as well:
  • Develop the confidence: Theater will help you to develop the confidence and comfortable speaking in front of large audience.
  • Theater gives you variety of roles: Different type of roles helps you to improve your acting skills such as comedy, drama and action, as a versatile actor you have high chance of break in films.
  • Work effectively with different types of people: While working in theater it teaches you how you can work effectively with different types of people.
  • Memorizing script: The most important advantage to work in theater is that you can grow the ability of memorizing the script.
  • Dedication: As working in theater you will learn to dedicate more hours in acting and you will get to know that acting is not just simple and easy profession it required time and hard work.

3rd Step: Getting into the Film Industry

Third step is to get into the film industry, you need to keep one thing in mind that initially you won’t get high budget film or prominent role, you need to struggle and have patience you probably have to do small roles, here we point out some ways to get into the industry:

  • Move to Los Angeles: If you really want to pursue your acting career then you should move to Hollywood city which is Los Angeles (California). In Hollywood big budget movies are produced and here you will find casting directors and probably you will get a break.
  • Do small roles: If you have small role offer in film or short film do not neglect, it will give you experience and looks good on your acting resume. For small roles you can search online or contact casting agency and ask for any role, by doing such roles you can build up your industry contacts.
  • Look for open casting: You can search online for open cast or go for auditions and if you don’t get opportunity in fully fledged movies, you can try for short films or student films. Always keep moving and accept every offer till your big break.

Some Extra Things You Need to Have

  • Head shots pics: You will need your head shots photos (8”x10”) in which your face need to be visible clearly, this is first thing which casting directors look at so make sure photos taken by the professionals. While your photo session make sure you comfortable with camera and dressing & make-up also play important role here so don’t wear something which is not appropriate.
  • An acting resume: You need an acting resume in which you can mention your personal and professional information such as your name, contact number, address and write about your work experience.
  • A demo reel: Demo reel is a series of clips from your on screen acting experience and if you don’t have any on screen experience then you can record your own acting clips and edit it.

How To Get into Auditions

Many of you think how you will get an audition call and how you will know there is a need of an actor, for that information you will need casting agency or union:

  • Contact casting agency: Many acting schools invite casting agency in their school to show student talent and they can call you if there is any role for you. But if you don’t go to acting school you can contact the casting agency by yourself.
  • Join actors union: If you do not get any casting agency you can join unions such as screen actors guild, actors equity association and American guild of variety artists they will give you information about the upcoming auditions.

List of Best Summer Program Schools for Acting in USA

Many acting and art schools offer summer programs related to acting, film making, dancing and so on, here is a list of popular schools which offer summer programs in the field of arts:

  • ACTeen – NYC
  • The Actors Space West – LA
  • Alliance Theatre – Atlanta
  • Los Angeles Academy of Performing Arts – LA
  • Northlight Theatre – Skokie
  • School of Creative and Performing Arts – NYC
  • Stagedoor Manor – NY
  • Young Actors Camp – Claremont

List of Best Acting Schools in USA

  • American Conservatory Theater – San Francisco, California
  • California Institute of the Arts – Valencia, California
  • Carnegie Mellon University, School of Drama – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Depaul University – Chicago
  • Juilliard School – New York
  • The Actors Studio – New York
  • New York University, Tisch School of the Arts – New York
  • University of California Los Angeles – Los Angeles
  • University of Southern California – Los Angeles
  • Yale School of Drama – New Haven

List of Best Books Related to Acting

  • Acting as a Business by Brian O’Neil
  • Actions: The Actors Thesaurus by Marina Caldarone
  • An Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavski
  • Audition by Michael Shurtleff
  • Improvisation for the Theatre by Viola Spolin
  • Meisner on Acting by Sanford Meisner
  • Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen
  • Sanford Meisner on Acting by Sanford Meisner
  • The Intent to Live by Larry moss



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